How to choose a note home monitoring equipment to monitor the camera installation

Video surveillance cameras in has been widely exist in various fields of building safety, finance, transportation, residential security, however many kinds of video surveillance cameras, function is also Each one has his good points., how to choose the right surveillance … Continue reading

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Introduces the characteristics of the wireless Video door phone system, advantages and application scope

With the continuous development of social economy, people’s living standard continues to increase, the product requirements are increasingly high, wired doorbell again also cannot fully meet the consumer demand for increasingly diverse, from the shackles of cable, realize the dream … Continue reading

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Detailed introduction,Wireless surveillance camera PTZ classification structure, function and development trend in future.

Characteristics of use: Mainly used in the security monitoring field, as the control system of wireless PTZ command, the transmission distance can be up to above 5km. In a set of monitoring system in general only need one can control … Continue reading

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The characteristics, application performance advantage, structure principle and application of video transmitter

Video transmitter with the core technology of COFDM mobile communications (multi carrier modulation technology), can transmit real-time stability in high speed mobile and city buildings under occlusion of hdtv. The products are widely applied to various industries public security fire … Continue reading

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4-CH video transmitter features, principle and technical parameters, the performance of simple

COFDM bidirectional transmission equipment, mainly used for two-way transmission of real-time image, voice and data. Equipment design, manufacture, the use of COFDM modulation and error correction technology, which can effectively solve the problem of multipath interference, often encountered in traditional … Continue reading

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The steps and technical parameters of product characteristics, Waterproof wireless Camera structure features, installation

The wireless 3G night vision waterproof camera, as the limited distance monitoring camera, need not wiring, as long as the use of mobile phone signal, the product can work, as long as a power source, can be 24 hours, uninterrupted … Continue reading

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Outdoor wireless camera work principle, structure characteristics, and main technical parameters

Product overview: Using M-JPEG compression format, support WIFI, can network watch and remote computer or mobile phone access, infrared night vision waterproof, can realize the motion detection, alarm and other mail Performance characteristics: Using M-JPEG compression format, VGA/QVGA/QQVGA three video … Continue reading

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Technical parameters, wireless ip security camera settings, control function is introduced and a simple description

With the social change, the progress of science and technology, the creatures of the world always changes, monitoring camera is no exception, from the ordinary monitoring began, often subject to geographical constraints, the development of the network monitoring current, thus … Continue reading

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GSM alarm camera products, features, application scope and product parameters

Product introduction: GSM wireless burglar alarm camera, when the fitting is triggered automatically dial six alarm call, to send a group of short message. The host is the M-JPEG compression format, color CMOS 1000000 pixels, with a 3.6MM lens, visual … Continue reading

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4-CH power supply panel use, classification, protection function and the standard setting

Power supply device provides power to the electronic device, also known as power supply, it provides all the components of a computer in the power required to. Power size, whether the current and voltage stability, will directly affect the performance … Continue reading

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