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Technical Overview Fish eye metal dome

The realization of the panoramic camera mainly has two kinds, one kind is to use a fisheye lens, the ceiling installation to achieve 360 degree panoramic monitoring, panoramic surveillance or through the wall to achieve 180 degree; another kind is … Continue reading

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GSM alarm camera Video Intercom-Sunco product attributes, network, alarm and video and other presentation

Function characteristics: 1 H.264 300000 pixels, CMOS. Wireless support: 802.11/b/g/n. 2.7 LED, infrared lens 3.6 mm 10 meters. 3 voice Talkback, high-quality voice dialogue. 4 3.5 inch high-definition display, high quality video display. 5 motion detection,GSM alarm camera Video Intercom-Sunco. … Continue reading

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180 Degree Fish-eye performance, features introduced, the design principle and main technical parameters

Panoramic camera fisheye camera can independently realize large-scale monitoring without blind spots, the concept and the primary products has been born for a long time, but the mature commercial products until 08 years before the official appearance. And because the … Continue reading

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Structural features Water-resistant IP camera, technical parameters, performance advantages and design principles

Product overview: The TI series of high performance DSP Da Vinci The standard H.264 main profile 5 video compression technology, high compression ratio, bit rate control accuracy, stability The high performance 1.3M (1280*960) CMOS image sensor, low illumination effect is … Continue reading

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Bullet IP webcam product overview, theory, performance parameters, characteristics and advantages of the use range

This is a ready to be put into use, firm durable network camera. This series camera brings high performance technology for small office and retail enterprises, very economical, suitable for numerous applications. Aluminum the┬áBullet IP webcam body strong conforms to … Continue reading

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Wireless camera design features, installation methods, processes, and the use of the principle of introduction

Basic introduction: Wireless camera is a new camera wireless receiver embedded in the network camera. It uses the WIFI channel, in accordance with IEEE 802.11B/G standard protocol. WIFI is composed of AP (Access Point) wireless network and wireless network card. … Continue reading

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Wifi digital camera performance parameters, product features, product overview and application range

Summary. Using MJPEG compression format, supports two-way voice, support two-way voice, WIFI, with the pan, infrared light, provide alarm input and output interface, support UPNP, PPPOE, can realize the motion detection, FTP, email alert etc.. Product features: Easy installation: network … Continue reading

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1-Ch Active Video balun features introduced, principles, purpose, design, and advantages

Principle: The device with five or more than five types of unshielded twisted pair as the transmission media, real-time transmission of monochrome or color PAL, NTSC, SECAM system baseband video signal, when paired with UTP101AT, transmission distance up to 1200 … Continue reading

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The basic working principle of wireless dome webcam, the installation procedure, as well as a major role in debugging method

Surveillance camera is a semiconductor imaging device, which has the advantages of high sensitivity, anti glare, small distortion, small size, long life, vibration resistance etc.. Surveillance camera security system, the image generated current is mainly from the CCD camera, the … Continue reading

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About baby monitor camera, working principle, composition and development prospects

Baby monitor, baby monitors, baby monitor. Mainly used for monitoring and nursing home and baby. Widely used in Europe and America, the 30 year history of already existing Baby Monitor is the application of modern radio technology in home and … Continue reading

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