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Introduces the characteristics of the wireless Video door phone system, advantages and application scope

With the continuous development of social economy, people’s living standard continues to increase, the product requirements are increasingly high, wired doorbell again also cannot fully meet the consumer demand for increasingly diverse, from the shackles of cable, realize the dream … Continue reading

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Detailed introduction,Wireless surveillance camera PTZ classification structure, function and development trend in future.

Characteristics of use: Mainly used in the security monitoring field, as the control system of wireless PTZ command, the transmission distance can be up to above 5km. In a set of monitoring system in general only need one can control … Continue reading

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The characteristics, application performance advantage, structure principle and application of video transmitter

Video transmitter with the core technology of COFDM mobile communications (multi carrier modulation technology), can transmit real-time stability in high speed mobile and city buildings under occlusion of hdtv. The products are widely applied to various industries public security fire … Continue reading

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