4-CH power supply panel use, classification, protection function and the standard setting

Power supply device provides power to the electronic device, also known as power supply, it provides all the components of a computer in the power required to. Power size, whether the current and voltage stability, will directly affect the performance and service life of the computer. Other forms of energy into electrical energy conversion device called a power supply. The generator can transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, stem cells can convert chemical energy into electrical energy. Generator, stem cell called power. By the transformer and rectifier, the DC current into the device is called rectification power supply.

4-Ch power supply

Electronic equipment signal provides called signal source. The transistor can signal previously sent to be amplified, and the circuit amplifies the 4-Ch power supply are transmitted to the rear. Transistor on the back of the circuit, can also be seen as signal source. Rectifier power supply, signal source is sometimes called power.

Power Supply.

The core components of the computer working voltage is very low, and because the computer working frequency is very high, so the power requirement is relatively high. At present the computer power supply is switch circuit, the ordinary AC to DC voltage, then control the chopper, the different output voltages to the motherboard, hard disk, CD-ROM and other computer components. The working principle of computer power belongs to the analog circuit, the load has a great influence on the power output quality, therefore one of the most important indicators of computer is power, power can be enough to power it is often said that the pure voltage.

In the rapid development of electronic technology, power electronic technology today, people pay more and more attention, and the power of the upgrading of technology promotes the development of electronic devices and components. Whether it is the daily life of the people is the modern electronic war, power supply system as the power source, its importance is self-evident. And China power product quality, whether military or civilian, and similar foreign products have obvious disparity. Therefore, the use of advanced international standards, learning foreign advanced technology, to catch up with the advanced international level quality product as soon as possible, is engaged in the development and production of all electric power engineering and technical personnel bounden duty.

In the daily life and production, 16-Ch balun is a large volume, high universality of electronic products, almost in the electronic scientific research, production, teaching departments should use the power, in other industries and in daily life, the power supply has been widely used. Therefore, to understand the current situation about the revision of Chinese power standard revision work, actively participate in standards, to promote the development of Chinese power technology, improve power quality, enhance the power supply manufacturers products comparable, to provide users with a unified standard scientific, measure the power quality is very necessary. At the same time, standard also provides a legal document for the unification and standardization of power market

Standard setting:

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has been developed in some power standard, such as DC stabilized power supply standard: “IEC478.1-1974 output DC stabilized power supply terms”; “IEC478.2-1986 output DC stabilized power supply ratings and performance”; “IEC478.3-1989 DC electromagnetic interference power transmission reference level and measurement of” IEC478.4 1976 “DC output; a stable power supply other than radio-frequency interference test methods”; IEC478.5 1993 “DC stable output power resistance near field magnetic field component measurement”. This set of standards promulgated and implemented earlier, China corresponding national standard has not yet promulgated. The DC stabilized power supply electronic industry standard SJ2811.1-87 “universal DC stabilized power supply terms and definitions, performance and rating”, SJ2811.2-87 “universal DC power supply stability test method” has been implemented for 13 years. For a long time, the two standards of China DC stabilized power supply research and production has played a great role.


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