4-CH video transmitter features, principle and technical parameters, the performance of simple

COFDM bidirectional transmission equipment, mainly used for two-way transmission of real-time image, voice and data. Equipment design, manufacture, the use of COFDM modulation and error correction technology, which can effectively solve the problem of multipath interference, often encountered in traditional microwave transmission process of non vision path and fast moving and not easy to deal with the problem of. Both the transmission path, the lake ice water area environment and high-rise city complex, vehicle, ship, helicopter / or high-speed UAV platform, ensure the two-way transmission effect of image, voice and data of high quality can be.

4-Ch Video Transmitter

Product features:

1) transceiver integrated design

2) multi bandwidth 4-Ch Video Transmitter: 8/4/2.5/2 MHz (user adjustable)

3) video compression: MPEG-4

4) output power: 3-5W (adjustable)

5) output frequency: 300-900M user adjustable, avoid interference

6). The output power of 10 stage adjustable

7) can realize two-way communication, data, voice, image

8) data video audio input interface: RJ45

9). Light weight, firm structure, template size: 90*170mm

Product performance:

Based on the standard of COFDM modulation technology

Digital video processing and high quality MPEG2 video codec

A short code delay

Support for high-speed mobile transmission

Support for non line of sight (NLOS) transmission

Multi function of the receiver is a broadcasting company new production of high-definition image multi receiver, it uses the current leading COFDM debugging techniques, have relatively narrow the bandwidth (8MHz) and the ability of anti multipath interference is very strong; the built-in hard disk recorders, combined with the IT field of the latest technology, such as audio and video compression / decompression, large capacity hard disk recording, TCP/IP network technology, video noise reduction technology, curing the code in FLASH, making the system more stable operation.

The product features and functions

Using the 16-Ch balun, double antenna receiving, receiving sensitivity up to -104dbm

It comes with 7 inch liquid crystal display (single channel video, implementation and monitoring.)

③ there own hard disk recorders, external 1000G hard drive encryption, access to video data.

The single way video server, remote image monitoring, dynamic IP IE browsing

It can realize the remote monitoring and control platform

The external keyboard can control the operating system.


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