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The characteristics, application performance advantage, structure principle and application of video transmitter

Video transmitter with the core technology of COFDM mobile communications (multi carrier modulation technology), can transmit real-time stability in high speed mobile and city buildings under occlusion of hdtv. The products are widely applied to various industries public security fire … Continue reading

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4-CH video transmitter features, principle and technical parameters, the performance of simple

COFDM bidirectional transmission equipment, mainly used for two-way transmission of real-time image, voice and data. Equipment design, manufacture, the use of COFDM modulation and error correction technology, which can effectively solve the problem of multipath interference, often encountered in traditional … Continue reading

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4-CH power supply panel use, classification, protection function and the standard setting

Power supply device provides power to the electronic device, also known as power supply, it provides all the components of a computer in the power required to. Power size, whether the current and voltage stability, will directly affect the performance … Continue reading

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Main features 4-Ch utp balun, performance requirements, technical parameters, the main function and development prospects

Barron was balanced unbalanced converter (balun), the English, balun is composed of “balanced” and “unbalanced” two words. Where balance represents the differential structure, and un-balance represents a single end structure. Balun circuit can convert each other between the differential signal … Continue reading

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1-Ch Active Video balun features introduced, principles, purpose, design, and advantages

Principle: The device with five or more than five types of unshielded twisted pair as the transmission media, real-time transmission of monochrome or color PAL, NTSC, SECAM system baseband video signal, when paired with UTP101AT, transmission distance up to 1200 … Continue reading

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Analysis on the development path of home security wireless security cameras and home video appliances

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the rapid development of network technology, security protection and deeper human hearts. Especially in the last years of information technology development and the improvement of the living environment, to promote awareness of … Continue reading

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