GSM alarm camera products, features, application scope and product parameters

Product introduction:

GSM wireless burglar alarm camera, when the fitting is triggered automatically dial six alarm call, to send a group of short message. The host is the M-JPEG compression format, color CMOS 1000000 pixels, with a 3.6MM lens, visual distance of 8 meters. From the angle of 92 degrees (lens optional 3.6/6/8/12/16). Set Wanxiang Yuntai, decoder, multi function infrared for low spherical Yuntai one, can be found in the pages of remote through the mouse directly control the head turning around. To support the people watch, support for IE browsing. Device with alarm function, can with deep all wireless anti-theft accessories supporting the use of. To minimize the connection, the installation process system components. Improve system reliability, convenient installation, simple maintenance.

GSM alarm camera

Factory reference configuration: GSM alarm camera a (built-in wireless alarm system of GSM), remote controller, a two door, external alarm one, handle a, random CD (including monitoring software) a (gift). 12V1000mA power of a telephone line (gift).

Function introduction:

1, the network video monitoring. SA-1168-IP828 uses the CMOS 1000000 pixel chip factory configuration 3.6mm lens, integrated security network video components, can realize remote network video surveillance.

2, GSM anti-theft alarm function. SA-1168-IP828 with anti-theft alarm function, can be matched with deep all wireless accessories. Can learn 20 parts, 5 remote control. When the accessory is triggered, host the first time to call customers informed of the alarm, and a group of short message.

3, with a full range of rotating platform. SA-1168-IP828 is a low speed dome camera set Wanxiang Yuntai in one. Level 360 rotation and vertical rotation of 90 degrees.

4, infrared night vision function. SA-1168-IP828 12 infrared night vision lamp irradiation distance of 8 meters.

Applicable occasions:

1, the family, shops alarm monitoring

2, the children of remote nursing

3, financial room security

4, the chain network security monitoring

5, the fire alarm monitoring

6, can be connected to wireless burglar alarm accessories, when parts detect alarm when the alarm to the host, the host call master telephone, wireless web camera can log in to IE to watch the home, shops.

Product parameters:

1, the camera chip: CMOS 1000000 pixels

2, compressed format: M-JPEG

3, infrared distance: ≤ 15 meters

4, working frequency: 315/433MHZ

5, a wireless receiving distance: spacious straight line distance of ≥ 100 m

6, wireless accessories capacity: 5 remote 20 wireless accessories

7, alarm volume loudness: ≥ 120dB

8, a working power supply: DC12V, the maximum working current of 800mA

9, the maximum horizontal angle: 355 °, the minimum horizontal angle: 20 °.

10, the vertical angle: 0 ° – 90 °.

11, speed: the level of about 12 ° /S, 12 ° /S vertical.

12, the maximum load: 0.5KG.

13, the basic functions: the upper and lower, left and right, automatic rotation.

14, the use of the environment: indoor.

15, the use of environment temperature: -10 ℃ -50 ℃.

16, with the color / night vision

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