Introduces the characteristics of the wireless Video door phone system, advantages and application scope

With the continuous development of social economy, people’s living standard continues to increase, the product requirements are increasingly high, wired doorbell again also cannot fully meet the consumer demand for increasingly diverse, from the shackles of cable, realize the dream of the wireless world. There will be a market demand, expanding constantly in the consumer market, wireless doorbell market gradually take shape. With the development of wireless digital technology becomes more mature, the performance and the grade of wireless digital doorbell are gradually improve, but from the current market view, wireless digital doorbell level still has very big span, because some of the early manufacturers in the market formed for greater market share, they have too much time on quality. Is optimistic, we found on the market a lot of wired doorbell manufacturers are looking for new ideas to improve the grade of the doorbell, including improvement of appearance, improve performance, improve the sound quality and quality, in order to improve the grade of the doorbell, some companies will find solutions company to design their own wireless high-grade door bell, and some companies is not willing to spend more money to improve or enhance the grade of the product, in the maturity of the market norms, these doorbell manufacturers lose the competitive advantage in the market.

wireless Video door phone

Wireless visual doorbell function: 1 visual intercom function: the visit, pressing the button, free intercom voice clear, as before; 2 outdoor monitoring function: a strange voice at the door, gently press, can stick out a mile, safety and security; 3 remote unlocking function: family home too late; it’s too cold; in bed does not want to get up; in front of the computer, do not want to get up; gently press, visible to people, automatic lock; 4 pictures archiving function: the owner was not at home, there is a visitor. As long as one light to ring the doorbell, then automatic photo storage, the master came back and free inquiry. Don’t miss any important meeting; 5 tamper alarm function: if the door machine with mischief, indoor machine and an outdoor machine will alarm.

The main function of wireless Video door phone open people for visitors confirm and remote, and this function is of important significance in the security, wireless doorbell now is more and more focused on the function, has done a lot of optimization on the system, the author will introduce to you the following one one.

1 access zone

Also known as the delay in the deployment of the standoff system will provide a certain time to access areas delay time, the delay time out after the end of the standoff, trigger delay alarm system. Trigger delay zone at the time of entry, the controller will send wasps in into the delay time Ming, used as the signal Chefang system, must be in the set delay time on the system Chefang, otherwise it will alarm. The necessary export operation keyboard the zone type is suitable for user in /.

The immediate 2 sector

In the system deployed triggers will alarm immediately, without the delay time.

3 inner zone

The system deployed, if the first trigger entry sector then triggers the internal zone, internal standoff into the delay state, will not immediately alarm, the area delay time and access zone agreement. If the entry zone is not triggered the front trigger internal defense area, the system will give an alarm immediately. The zone type is suitable for user operation keyboard Bi through the Department, such as installed in the entrance hall, lounge or detector. For in the system deployed before hiding in the hall or try not after passing through the defence area reached the hall were preventing intrusion behavior.

4 peripheral zone

For the external doors and / or window, standoff was triggered immediately send out alarm.

This set of products with the “collective bidirectional control system of intelligent network platform control” of the unique advantages, fully in accordance with the needs of the people and the modern Home Furnishing life needs and development, which fully reflects the Tean people-oriented R & D and production strategies. It is reported, this system was first used in wireless visual intercom doorbell series products, and listed in the global synchronization, leading people to the first to experience the wonderful future life!

With the application of the wireless camera surveillance series products and intelligent control system, whether it is a cool spring, hot summer, cold winter, or busy desk whenever and wherever possible, we can easily control the home wireless visual doorbell, master to visitors. The essence of technology products will bring progress for our life! Let us work together to experience tomorrow! The experience of belonging to our lifestyle!

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