Outdoor wireless camera work principle, structure characteristics, and main technical parameters

Product overview:

Using M-JPEG compression format, support WIFI, can network watch and remote computer or mobile phone access, infrared night vision waterproof, can realize the motion detection, alarm and other mail

Outdoor wireless webcam

Performance characteristics:

Using M-JPEG compression format, VGA/QVGA/QQVGA three video resolution options, support video parameters adjustment, to adapt to all kinds of user browsing request;

The built-in Outdoor wireless webcam, support for multiple web browser to watch video and parameter settings, the use of a port to transfer all of the data that is easy for the user to network settings;

Support 802.11b/g protocol, but the built-in WiFi module, flexible wireless monitoring environment;

The standard infrared camera, infrared LED, night vision distance of up to 15~25 meters, all-weather monitoring;

The metal shell, waterproof design, waterproof grade can reach IP66;

Support UPNP, port forwarding automatically on the router;

Motion detection, the full deployment;

By mail, FTP and the alarm server to send the alarm information, to achieve a variety of alarm linkage;

Support mobile phone watch;

Support three user permissions settings;

Remote upgrade;

Factory equipment for each assigned a unique equipment serial number, only manufacturers of domain name, and recording equipment, access network equipment, can use the domain name access equipment;

Manufacturers to provide free software, Baby monitor camera, long time recording, video playback.

2 big power lattice LED lamp, long service life, imported chip package, high transmittance lens, infrared distance of 60 meters;

Lattice LED imported constant current IC power supply, imports of aluminum substrate thermal conductivity circuit board, heat dissipation function;

Side open cover, the built-in cooling fan;

The built-in wide voltage (9-18V) lightning protection circuit design, to ensure the stability of the machine is excellent;

The standard 16mm high resolution infrared lens, the optional 8/12mm.


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