Advantages Bullet IP webcam, technical parameters, performance and working principle

The IP camera is generally refers to the network camera, which comprises an ordinary camera, video server, network, application software, and some also include pan tilt and zoom lens. It can make the image compression for transmission through the network…. … Continue reading

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IP dome camera works, product features, functions and composition

IP network camera is digital equipment based on network transmission, network camera is common but a composite video signal output interface BNC (general analog output for debugging, and can not represent its effect), and the network output interface, can be … Continue reading

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home surveillance camera features, functions, product structure and main technical parameters

Characteristic. The digital processing technology, high sensitivity, stable, clear and bright The new AGC circuit processing technology, electronic shutter, white balance, backlight compensation function The built-in high quality lenses, imported IR LED, infrared effective distance of 20 meters Widely used … Continue reading

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Features wireless security cameras, structure, working principle and application

Wireless camera refers to the wireless transmission network camera, network camera is different with ordinary transmission mode. Introduction: Wireless camera is image transmission system of professional town recorded one machine, the video camera products long life, design life of ten … Continue reading

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Details and product features and technical parameters Waterproof wireless Camera

The characteristic of the system the system security level account, password, the user privilege management of DDNS system with multi IP dynamic domain name system with independent research and development, lifelong and free use of special domain name, need not … Continue reading

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Composition wireless camera system features, installation procedures and the scope of uses

Wireless monitoring system is to monitor and wireless transmission technology, it can be of different locations of the field information in real time by means of wireless communication is transmitted to the radio monitoring center, and automatic formation of video … Continue reading

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Wireless alarm kit features, product installation, precautions and use the scope and technical parameters

Wireless alarm detection signal by the alarm space electromagnetic wave transmission. Scattered in some prevention field very inconvenience or laying transmission line case, wireless alarm is unique with. In order to realize the wireless transmission, must be between detector and … Continue reading

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Features 1080P IP camera Bullet , development advantages, product overview and prospects

Product overview: 1080P HD resolution real-time browsing The standard H.264 video compression, compression ratio, and the process is very flexible Support PAL/NTSC composite video The embedded design, small volume, high integration degree, can be installed in various places, easy networking … Continue reading

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Technical Overview Fish eye metal dome

The realization of the panoramic camera mainly has two kinds, one kind is to use a fisheye lens, the ceiling installation to achieve 360 degree panoramic monitoring, panoramic surveillance or through the wall to achieve 180 degree; another kind is … Continue reading

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GSM alarm camera Video Intercom-Sunco product attributes, network, alarm and video and other presentation

Function characteristics: 1 H.264 300000 pixels, CMOS. Wireless support: 802.11/b/g/n. 2.7 LED, infrared lens 3.6 mm 10 meters. 3 voice Talkback, high-quality voice dialogue. 4 3.5 inch high-definition display, high quality video display. 5 motion detection,GSM alarm camera Video Intercom-Sunco. … Continue reading

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