Technical parameters, wireless ip security camera settings, control function is introduced and a simple description

With the social change, the progress of science and technology, the creatures of the world always changes, monitoring camera is no exception, from the ordinary monitoring began, often subject to geographical constraints, the development of the network monitoring current, thus not subject to geographical restrictions. Monitoring timely and accurately.

wireless ip security camera

Wireless IP camera monitoring machine, as long as you installed place as long as ADSL Telecom, Netcom bandwidth or optical fiber, can realize remote monitoring.

wireless ip security camera eight function introduction:

No line: camera wireless is needed with wireless router can be used together by wireless transmission, free cable affect on the appearance of the room (a camera and a wireless router distance without obstacles under 70 meters)

With the domain name: because ADSL IP will change, so we need binding domain. Our machines are own domain, dedicated server, good stability.

PTZ control: 90 degrees, 270 degrees around

Voice: camera with microphone and speakers, the remote computer can monitor the sound and video intercom.

Warning: support mobile detection camera sent to the mailbox or FTP

Red: 10 LED lights for night vision best 15 meters

Concentration camp software: software is a professional video surveillance software, can support video, support a maximum of 64 camera. Is a powerful video management software.

Mobile phone monitoring: mobile phone browser access directly, or installation of mobile client software, enter the machine domain can directly monitor. Flow monitoring image of mobile internet speed decided by.


1, hardware installation, power supply is connected to the 10 / 100M adaptive hub or switch network camera, crystal head end double glue line gently insert the interface Ethernet camera tail, while the other end is connected with routing or switch, connection, network interface connected crystal head light. (make sure the double strand length connected network within the effective range, more than 100 meters, please use the signal amplifier)

2, software installation, follow the steps to complete the installation, by running the PC IP Camera Tool program, it can in the LAN IP address network camera automatically find;

3, video watching, through the¬†wireless wifi camera can find the network camera IP address, and then you can use the browser to access the network camera on PC. Double click the IP can enter the IE login interface, this interface is in simplified Chinese, English and Chinese three languages interface selection. Enter the user name (default is admin) and password (default value is null), click “login” can enter the monitor interface (supports up to 4 simultaneous users browse).

Set the control operation:

Device status with 4 indicating lamps, represent the state of different colors:

Green represents the current camera normal connection and shows that the grey said not connected.

Red represents the current camera generates alarm (mobile detection alarm).

PTZ control: control in eight directions

Resolution: VGA (640 X 480) / QVGA (320 X 240)

Working mode: 50Hz/60Hz/ outdoor

Color parameters: you can adjust the brightness and contrast

Video: the monitoring content recorded and saved to the specified location. The availability of system with player

Photo: a screen capture will be watching, and saved to the specified path.

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