The characteristics, application performance advantage, structure principle and application of video transmitter

Video transmitter with the core technology of COFDM mobile communications (multi carrier modulation technology), can transmit real-time stability in high speed mobile and city buildings under occlusion of hdtv. The products are widely applied to various industries public security fire control, road traffic, water, electricity, television news broadcast, environmental protection, border patrol, field monitoring.

4-Ch Video Transmitter

Product performance:

Based on the standard of COFDM modulation technology

Digital video processing and high quality MPEG2 video codec

A short code delay

4-Ch Video Transmitter for high-speed mobile transmission

Support for non line of sight (NLOS) transmission

Product features:

Support tunable frequency (300MHz-800MHz band),

Small size, light weight (118 * 68 * 28mm), line of sight transmission distance 15-20km.

Clear and stable, without mosaic, no tail phenomenon.

The receiver supports full band can be adjusted continuously (frequency range: 47M ~ 860MHz), which can be adjusted in the site.


Covert communication, not afraid of a building wall block

A full range of communication, with encryption function

Modular combined design

Video frequency adjustable, MPEG-2 video coding

A high speed communication

Dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti shock

Using 4-Ch balun

Non line of sight transmission, visibility distance under the condition of not less than 50 kilometers

Application mode:

Video transmission equipment widely used in military, police, fire, rescue, counter-terrorism and other fields. In the event of a major event, the working personnel arrived at the front, the image to the command vehicle or aircraft, the car can be dealt with quickly according to the image of the front back, while the front image back to the command center.

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