The steps and technical parameters of product characteristics, Waterproof wireless Camera structure features, installation

The wireless 3G night vision waterproof camera, as the limited distance monitoring camera, need not wiring, as long as the use of mobile phone signal, the product can work, as long as a power source, can be 24 hours, uninterrupted work, suitable for forest monitoring, environmental monitoring factory emission pollution, river monitoring, monitoring of bridge construction site and truth, wireless monitoring the site monitoring, belongs to, real-time monitoring, management personnel do not need to arrive at the scene to monitor the site conditions, the camera, also do not need wiring, the site environment is more complex, not suitable for wiring, so using the wireless 3G camera, it is suitable for site monitoring. Managers can remotely via computer, or mobile phone, view real-time image, for the management of production, to provide accurate data. To provide the most powerful protection and safety in production. In highway monitoring, this also has great advantage will, highway under construction, if you have this equipment, management personnel can timely understanding of highway traffic, to know if there is no blockage, provide the basis for traffic flow, at the same time, the wireless industry monitoring camera, have very powerful video recording function the video, can be two to three days, with a hundred W high-definition image quality, compared with the traditional camera to clear, the picture more vivid. Image resolution by digital CMOS image sensor is extracted, sensitive and good, but also support the vision, no lights at night under the condition of the site, wireless camera, also can provide good image quality

Waterproof wireless  Camera

The characteristics of the product:

Ultra wide angle (150 degrees)

Mirror / preimage adjustable function

Waterproof wireless Camera, can choose to open or close the electronic label

With night vision function, night reversing is visible

With a waterproof, infrared, infrared distance is 10m

When the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, the camera will automatically heating

Instructions for use:

1, color video camera connected to 12V power supply.

2, in a certain distance away from the wireless receiver, connected to 12V power supply, the indicating lamp is bright.

3, to connect the wireless receiver video output, input to the monitor, if the TV should be set to the AV state.

4, if add a video capture card can also be connected to a computer. If you use USB card, you can not only connect the desktop, but also can take the notebook computer!

home surveillance camera ways:

1 is connected with the top of the TV, watching, but not video

2 plus a video capture card connected to the computer, you can watch the video can be

Installation of super simple, connected to the power supply can be used for decoration, has good store, need not wiring, the camera can be used.

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