Wireless camera system classification, characteristics and advantages of the system.

Wireless video monitoring system, is a small remote digital monitoring system is an easy to use, and supporting the use of network camera, can use wired or wirelessly connected network, easy installation, users do not need additional allocation of special computer and video equipment. Users can use mobile phone or computer as the monitoring terminal equipment, can whenever and wherever possible to receive alarm information and view the surveillance video. This system has the features of stable and reliable, economical and practical, and can be used for fire alarm, security monitoring, remote management, personnel, especially suitable for individual, family, shop etc.

Wireless camera system

System advantage:

1 integrated low cost, more stable performance, only a one-time investment, no trench buried pipe, especially suitable for outdoor distance and has a good decoration. In many cases, users are often due to the geographical environment and work content restrictions, brought great inconvenience to the Wireless camera system, such as port and open on the wired transmission cable network, wiring project, the construction period will be very long cable, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the wireless video can get rid of the bondage of cable installation, short cycle, easy maintenance, expansion ability, rapid recovery cost advantages.

2 flexible, extensible, plug and play. Managers can quickly bring new wireless monitoring points added to the existing network, without the need for new transmission network, increase the laying equipment, be an easy job to realize remote wireless monitoring.

3 low maintenance cost. Wireless monitoring and maintenance of a network provider, front-end equipment is plug and play, free maintenance.

4 wireless monitor system is to monitor and Wireless alarm kit, it can be of different locations of the field information in real time by means of wireless communication is transmitted to the wireless monitoring center, and automatic formation of video database for later retrieval.

5 in a wireless monitoring system, wireless monitoring center in real time by the monitored point video information, and the video information is continuous, clear. In the wireless monitoring points, usually use the camera to collect the scene, the camera is connected through a wireless video transmission equipment, and sends a signal to the monitoring center data by radio waves.


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