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      Question: How to protect privacy when using home security cameras ,especially wireless IP cameras .

     AW: When using wireless IP cameras  ,especially when remote reviewing , the cameras are easily to be attaked by hacker . So to avoid some misfortune :

     1) Read the  user's manual carefully ,to understand the camera's features .

     2) When don't need remote view , it's best to close this function ,or turn the camera toward door /window ,to protect the privacy .

     3)When open the remore view, to change the password and IP address is suggested .

     4)Furthermore , update the software usually .

      Question:Why should I use a wireless camera ?

      AW: 1)For security and ever protection to your property and beloved ;
      It supports Iphone and Android phone view .

      2)—Operation very easy by plug&play .
      Don’t have to be an IT expert ;

      3)—Never lost alarming alert to email .7*24H’s protection . Motion detection .

      4)—Price always affordable .

       Question:What is p2p?

      AW: Plug it and play . User can view . Nothing needs to be adjusted inthe computer .

       Question: Where can I get the cell phone view software ?

       AW: You may go to Apple store or Google store for camlive software;

       Question: If my NVR is from other supplier,can I use your IP camera ?

       AW: Yes , you can . As the cameras are all ONVIF comformed .

       Question: What is the WIFI format supported by the camera ?

       AW: 802.11.b/g/n

       Question:Why I can’t get 2 mega pixel resolution on cell phone view ?

       AW: It’s because of the bandwidth of the internet .Cell phone generally  only supports 0.3 mega pixel . To get 2 mega pixel , the user may view on  computer .

        Question: Do the cameras supports ftp uploading ?

       AW: Yes .They support .

       Question:Do you have warranty for the cameras ?

       AW: Yes .Basically1- 2 years .And we also send spare parts with the shipment for bulk order. It saves clients' time.


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