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H.265: Security is flowing into the ultra-low rate


"Security has come a 'small apple.'" 

Recently, let all walks of life looking forward to the H.265 also low-key here, Apple released support H.265 codec iPhone6. In fact, for technology lovers, H.265 is not strange, as early as two years ago, Ericsson launched its first H.265 codec. Using the H.265 codec is a huge advantage just half of the current mainstream video bitrate encoding, we can provide the same quality video. Some experts said that "very valuable bandwidth mobile video calls in the field, using the H.265 codec will bring great advantages," but a deeper look, H.265 affect not only the video call, it belongs video field is almost more impact on the world, for the security, its "all-powerful" ultra-low bit-rate will become the mainstream in the future security monitoring. 

"From the traditional more than the traditional" 

As we all know, the current field of mainstream video compression standard is H.264, including the market a lot of H.264 video compression standard are actually derived version, while H.265 is the ITU-T VCEG developed following the new H.264 the video compression standard. 

For H.265, we must look at the video compression standards development process: video codec standard ITU-T comes mainly from the ITU and the International Organization for Standardization ISO, ITU's H.26 × series of video compression standards after H. 261, H.263, H.263 + such an evolution. The ISO MPEG video compression standard series, from MPEG1, MEPG2 to MPEG4, after two standardized portfolio toward cooperation, the establishment of JVT, launched in the most efficient video compression standards: H.264 / AVC. H.264 expanding range of applications, maturity continues to increase. After, JVT-VC group officially started the next generation of video compression standard customization, and finalized released in 2013, named for HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding), then respectively ITU-T and ISO / IEC adopted as an international standard, H.265 is a video compression standard. 

The latest H.265 standard H.264 basic framework inherited, but which uses a lot of new technology. In HD resolution, the use of these new technologies can enable H.265 compression performance compared to H.264 doubled, simply put, is the same video quality, HD video bandwidth needed to transmit or store space was about half of H.264. 

Compared to the past, specifically H.265 compression standards have much improved as well? From an objective point of view to enhance the effect of the test, H.265 H.264 1080p resolution compared to the rate in the 40% to 50% lower than at 720p in reduced by 30% to 40%. The results from the subjective test upgrade, also received similar results, with an average savings of 50% of the rate and with the improvement of the resolution, H.265 rate will reduce more.

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