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What can we do with 4K NVR ?


4K Origin and Development 
4K technology was first developed in the field of television. May 2012, the International Telecommunication Union released BT.2020 ultra high-definition television (UltraHDTV) standard, the physical resolution of 3840 × 2160 (ie, 4K) and above TV called ultra-high-definition TV. 

With 4K standard is determined, Skyworth, Changhong, Konka, Sharp, Sony, Samsung, Hisense and other traditional TV manufacturers have introduced 4K TV, recently a lot of communication and Internet companies (such as music video and love Fantastic Art, millet, etc.) also launched 4K low-cost Internet TV, the price began to fall 4K TVs within three thousand yuan. 

In the consumer electronics industry, 4K develop more rapidly. For example, Sony, Canon, red one, and other manufacturers have introduced support for 4K professional cameras and home video cameras, GoPro and other consumer electronics manufacturers, introduced the headset support 4K resolution camera products, chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA, Broadcom , MTK, Ericsson also launched nearly two years to support 4K resolution chips. 

In addition, the traditional PC chip or video card manufacturers such as Intel, AMD, NVidia, also have integrated 4K video processing capabilities in its GPU. The importance of these sectors to 4K, 4K application to improve the whole industry chain, to accelerate the application of universal 4K played a good role in promoting. 

4K bring value to the NVR 

New highs as the current high-definition video, 4K technology quickly penetrate into the security industry, the first is 4K camera (4K IPC). 4K IPC resolution of 3840 × 2160, is four times that of 1080P, 720P of about 9 times, it can not change the premise of the number of cameras, focal length, angle, ultra-high-definition video effects, the picture is magnified through a multi-stage and still get rich detail. Of course, for security applications, only 4K IPC is clearly not enough. Therefore, 4K NVR should be potential students. 
● 4K NVR first use: access 4K IPC, 4K video storage, 4K video in real-time browsing, 4K video playback 
4K NVR can directly access 4K IPC, IPC and 4K video upload local video store, and can be directly decoded output 4K real-time video and video, to provide users with ultra-high definition video viewing experience. 

● The second uses 4K NVR: the access 720P or 1080P IPC, 4K synthetic decode lossless multi-screen video display 

Even if only access 1080PIPC, 4K NVR also has practical significance. After the general NVR access 1080P camera, for multi-screen display (such as the 4-screen), you can only 4 image compression is a way 1080P 1080P output multi-screen images, each image is displayed only physical resolution of the original one / 4, image clarity will be greatly reduced. When and With 4K NVR, 4-way 1080P image can be synthesized in a way just to complete 4K video, so 4K decoder output to the display device, there is no way affect the physical resolution of each image is displayed, to maximize the effect of restoring the original image. 


In addition, with 4K NVR powerful image processing capabilities, we are also able to carry out more extensive applications, such as a more powerful video stitching and more accurate intelligence analysis services, etc. in the NVR. 


Despite the popularity of the current situation to see 4K still solve many problems, but with the development of H.265 technology, 4K display equipped popularity and related industrial chain, 4K NVR in the security field will have broad application prospects.

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